Dark and murky like the night,
Angelic and feathery like the light,
Two shades, diverging their ways,
In an opposing haze,

Deep and deadly,
Ready to attack,
Try to remain steady,

Ebony, taupe, jet, space,
A colour that will deface,
As you saunter in its magical world,
On and on tangled, forever swirled,

Blithe and beautiful,
Saintly and bright,
Elegantly dancing and dutiful,

Pearl, ivory, vanilla, snow,
A colour with a radiant glow,
Wrapping you in clouds and silk,
Soft and creamy like fur and milk,

Black and white, so different, yet so divine,
Painting a spectrum in a single line,
Embarked on an abstract forever,
Opposites are perfect together…

Published by kimmagic

A teenager that loves writing and reading. Explore my magical world and be a part of it too

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