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A Limerick Rainbow



Roses, lipstick, strawberry shortbread,
You lie on a plush, velvet bed,
Sipping on wine,
It has ended, your time,
The anger, the pain, the blood, all red, all dead!!


You see pumpkin jack o lanterns smirking,
Spirits are creeping and haunting and lurking,
The horrifying whines,
At last, the amber sun shines!
A marigold fire of orange, cursing!!

Image result for lit jack o lanterns fire marigolds


In a field of daffodils, ducks and honey swirls,
A fantasy of ecstasy and bliss unfurls,
Sun-kissed sand,
In the happiest land,
The yellow ray of joy pirouettes in a twirl!!


A mint shaded parrot squawks,
Dancing on the emerald grass,
A symphony,
So differently,
On a green planet, far from the disgust, at last!!

Image result for mint parrot emerald grass


The sky, the sea and drops of dew,
Are leaping and waving at you,
Alas! It rains,
The sky gets stains,
The world is submerged in blue!!

Image result for real blue and sea


Sapphire bellflowers and lapis fairies,
Tasting tangy, tart blueberries,
They see my city,
And look with pity,
As I crave to join what the indigo carries!!

Image result for blueberry


Amethyst glistening in a sunset display,
Prune purple plums in a sorbet,
A lavender blanket,
A lilac banquet,
Fearless in the domain of violet array!!

Published by kimmagic

A teenager that loves writing and reading. Explore my magical world and be a part of it too

10 thoughts on “A Limerick Rainbow

  1. Limericks are not very popular, but i always loved them 😉 They have five lines with a structure of 7-10 syllables in the first, second and fifth line, and 5-7 syllables in the third and fourth lines. Limericks usually are silly and playful, and sometimes the fifith line has something different from the rest of the poem. Hope you like my rainbow 🙂


  2. Stay safe, i hope you are doing well. Sanitize, wear masks, try to stay home, avoid touching your face and practice social distancing. I hope you are safe and healthy during this coronavirus outbreak. Take care.


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