An Encounter With The Waterdrops

A poem about a person (me) experiencing one of nature’s “ordinary” elements for the first time in my life.

I stepped out onto the cold crying street,
And stomped my large heavy feet,
I lifted my head and looked up high,
At the sun-kissed sky,
Weighing down,
The sky began to frown,

And what happened then, I cannot explain,
It was so stunning and yet insane,
The sky was wetted with a stain,
I wondered, was it a stain that would remain??

The sun fled away,
All of a sudden it began to spray,
Water came falling,
I was left appalling,
I’m afraid this world might drown,
Why is the sky flooding our town??

I’ve seen the sun, the moon, the day, and night,
But what was this mysterious sight,
Water is plummeting down to the ground,
Every place I seek, there are drops around,
Water splashes on me, I am drenched,
Is it the earthly land’s thirst that must be quenched??

O Mother earth, may the trickling water replenish you,
She shall emerge brand new,
As for the sky, the town and me,
We are rinsed in water as salty as the sea,
Does god feel the need to release his power,
And cleanse our impurities with a shower??

I wander the streets till the bathing is done,
Now the sky’s illuminated with the returning sun,
What was this dribbling water, I say aloud,
And how must it leak from a fluffy light cloud??
A young man passes by the empty domain,
He says, you must be talking about the rain,

What a name,
It’s over now, such a shame,
Will I ever meet it again??

Published by kimmagic

A teenager that loves writing and reading. Explore my magical world and be a part of it too

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