The Mysterious Midnight Girl

“I damn you to this nocturnal life,
spend after the hour of twilight,
a drive of deadly deeds,
being a bloodsucking beast,
dwelling in the shadows for eternity” – Sonakshi Malik, Intoxicated

There is a girl,
In a whole new world,
Distant, yet to be “intoxicated”,
Patient for the mystical moon, she waited,

She’s magical, her powers yet to be discovered,
An unfathomable mind, thoughts still being muttered,
She roams in the mystical midnight jungle,
On a mission she couldn’t bungle,
Awaiting the wakening werewolf’s howl,
Eyes open, she’s a motionless owl,

Sitting by the “babbling brook”,
One mistaken look is all it took,
Staring right into the wolf’s eye,
The curse pierces her heart and makes her sigh,

She’s running through the wild night,
Consuming all the moonlight,
Chasing everything in her sight,
She thrives through the jungle with all her might,

It was the whispering wolf’s spell that kept her bound,
Trapped in the forest’s ground,
She wanders among the tangled trees and twisted leaves,
The forbidden forest is all she believes,

The milky moon has risen, eyes open wide,
The vampire wolf gave out a bellowing cry,
She knew she could never leave the forest again,
Deep within her, she’d always known,
“Trapped in the world of her own.”


I’m sure you all were wondering who the girl was… Well, the girl I wrote about in the poem is Sonakshi!! Everytime I read her writing, she inspires me to write something magical like her writing and I finally made this poem!! (Also, the quoted words are from her writing) Thank You for inspiring me Sonakshi!! 😊🖤

Published by kimmagic

A teenage girl that loves writing and reading. Explore my magical world and be a part of it too!

29 thoughts on “The Mysterious Midnight Girl

    1. Dear Kim,

      Greetings! I would like to concur with Cindy and to echo her words here. What a lovely and evocative poem you have composed about the Mysterious Midnight Girl plus the Wolf and the Moon!

      It is clear that you show a great degree of enthusiasm towards, and affinity with, the moon and its own charm over perceptive observers.

      Therefore, SoundEagle would like to resonate with you and your poem by introducing you to the enchanting poems and images published in my post whose title is “If My Name Were Moon Tonight…”, which is quite comparable to yours in various ways. The first poem as titled has end rhymes, internal rhymes as well as rhythmic devices, syllabic schemes, and other subtle or overt features.

      My said poem is available at

      In addition, considering the relevance and quality of your poem, I have decided to hyperlink and mention your post in my said post.

      May you and Cindy find this forthcoming autumn and the rest of the year very much to your liking and highly conducive to your writing, thinking and blogging!


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