Day 1

I tread into my lone bedroom,
And expose myself to blissful dreams, I assume,
My fantasies drift through my head,
As I recline by my wilting bed.

Day 2

The daylight penetrates my eyelids,
Out the window I see sunshine dawn, skittish kids,
Scrambling out of bed to venture outside,
But then again, I can’t, I’m confined.

Day 3

No, I can’t come out and play,
My room has consumed me, I have to stay,
Sprawled across the shivery pale floor,
Locked inside, behind the door.

Day 4

Are you yet puzzled what’s happened here??
For whatever reason it may be, the end is near,
Let me live the rest of my days,
Quavering in this oblivious haze.

Day 5

There’s only so much I can do,
Check my phone, watch an episode, write something new,
Welt my head against the window glass,
How long has it been since my feet brushed that grass??

Day 6

I’m deep in conversation with me,
Divulging the truth, I have to admit, I’m dreary,
My mind has settled in another place,
My imagination took to sauntering space.
I talk to my myself my quite often now,
My soul is fragmented, I’m a shattered vow.

Day 7

Those four pink walls are my enemy, the slammed doors are my foe,
I can’t stand it anymore, I squall with woe,
As I mope at the curtains sheathing the window,
My head in my hands, my eyes are shut,
My last connection with life has been cut.

Published by kimmagic

A teenager that loves writing and reading. Explore my magical world and be a part of it too

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