How To Make An Apple Pie

Apples, cinnamon, flour and butter,Spoons of sugar, tabletop’s a clutter,Meld them together and have a little fun,Make your companions laugh at you being dumb, Cautious with that dough hatching,Wouldn’t want to upset that outfit matching,Scoop in that luscious filling,Let the others taste, they must be willing, Watchful as it enters the oven readily,Basking in theContinue reading “How To Make An Apple Pie”


From one to ten to fifty-five,This is where I arrive,Joining me one by one,Our journey together has just begun, So much more to explore,Whispering words knock at my door,I count the numbers as they rise,Yet this was a sudden surprise, Here appears a hundred,An infinite path is laid ahead,Walking steps, climbing feet,Who knows what IContinue reading “Century”


Dark and murky like the night,Angelic and feathery like the light,Two shades, diverging their ways,In an opposing haze, Black,Deep and deadly,Ready to attack,Try to remain steady, Ebony, taupe, jet, space,A colour that will deface,As you saunter in its magical world,On and on tangled, forever swirled, White,Blithe and beautiful,Saintly and bright,Elegantly dancing and dutiful, Pearl, ivory,Continue reading “Contrast”

The World Of Slumber

When the world is lost and dead,We tell you to go to bed,To shut your tiny frail eyes,And turn away from all the lies, The world is in deep slumber,As your tranquillity continues to lumber,Leave behind all that’s at stake,Keep your eyes from fluttering awake, As you stride through your fantasies,In another planet of distantContinue reading “The World Of Slumber”

A New Beginning

It’s time to start something new, Something ready to kindle and brew, Gently enhancing its flavor, With more and more to devour,   A brand-new entrance to a brand-new world, Time to unravel something shriveled and curled, As it blooms into a beguiling blossom, And embraces its gorgeous petals, Awesome!!   A step to aContinue reading “A New Beginning”

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