The Trailing Trauma

What happens after is unknown,Only the present is shown,Actions are tranquilized with time,While reactions are awakened with crime, Many obstructions change our choices,Barriers that keep back unheard voices,But when we take an opportunity that unveils,It’s the aftermath that trails, It is up to us to rise above manipulation,And arouse more stimulation,If you take that bigContinue reading “The Trailing Trauma”


For some you may be the moon,But for me you are a star,You bring us out of our cocoon,And show us who we really are, For some, your eyes may be warm,But to me they are bright,They guided me through the toughest storms,Leading me into the light, For some, you may be spring,But to meContinue reading “Mentor”

A Land Of The Unknown (Part 3)

(Narrative) Up ahead I see a flight of stairs,Made of sparkling fluid and translucent air,I take one step and lose my balance but I’m fine,Walking on water was way ahead of our time!! Up and up I step and stroll,Nobody knows what the end shall behold,I have now entered a void, there are no stairsContinue reading “A Land Of The Unknown (Part 3)”

A Land Of The Unknown (Part 2)

(Narrative) I now roam astray in a moonlit field,Wondering who was my shield,Then I see sunflowers, they sing and sway,They blow my worries away. The scene has taken a bright contrast,An enchanting spell has been cast,The night isn’t as terrifying as it was before,It doesn’t seem to be so silent anymore. Stuck in a warzoneContinue reading “A Land Of The Unknown (Part 2)”

A Land Of The Unknown (Part 1)

(Narrative) I stumble up and peer around,The silence doesn’t make a sound,I shout and scream and screech,But nothing is within my reach, I take a step and try to find,Some vague face of humankind,But when I see this fractured scenery,I know the silence is my only company. My bare feet shuffle in the damp grass,TheContinue reading “A Land Of The Unknown (Part 1)”

The Mirror Of Erised

(Based on a mirror created by J.K Rowling in Harry Potter Novel and Movie Series) Bordered with glinting gold,Ages and ages old,With carvings so beautifully bold,Once it resided in Hogwarts,Now it’s sold. The Mirror of Erised,got its name misread,As ‘Desire’ is read backwards, to spell,the Mirror’s name, just as well,Just as if it were reflectedContinue reading “The Mirror Of Erised”

One Reason Why

(Based on Bestselling Book and Netflix American Drama T.V Series, 13 Reasons Why) I just lived my nightmare,Through a box of tapes,Chasing secrets everywhere,There are no escapes, Could I do this to Hannah, would I dare,Reveal what she wants to keep between few,By recording a tape of my nightmare,I could be giving out a clue,Continue reading “One Reason Why”

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