Opposite Land

This is where antonyms are similar,This is where siblings are unanimous,A child is born when a blade escapes a killer,All races are glamorous, Every black has a white,Every act of valor has a fright,Even a blind man has the sight,Even utter darkness has light, Time stands still and the sun glows black,Clouds emerge from rain,DeathContinue reading “Opposite Land”

Play My Love

Up late, past midnight,Sinning my wrongs to rights,Mind singing to the melody,Of the moon’s parody, I begin strumming my guitar,Aware of what I’ve brought myself into,I know what will happen, yet I commence to you,Calluses tearing, scars,Fingers bleeding dry,Yelling my desires out to the sky, Come hum with me and the strings,The rhythm is whatContinue reading “Play My Love”


It’s between the two sides,A tale of two,One we admire, one we despise,Entwined to you, I’m either a male or female,I’m either black or white,I’m either gentleman or frail,I’m either dark or bright, Is there a destined destiny for every side?Is it already determined how we look upon each?A monochromatic land we survived in andContinue reading “Monochrome”

Painting My Skies White And Blue

I am painting my skies white and blue,When the sun wakes up here,I am making wishes that come true,When the stars fall near. The sun brightens up my gloomy days,It sets and rises to give me beautiful sights,The moon enlightens me as its rays,Illuminate my darkest nights. The shimmering crescent makes me smile,Even in myContinue reading “Painting My Skies White And Blue”

A Limerick Rainbow

(Limericks) Red Roses, lipstick, strawberry shortbread,You lie on a plush, velvet bed,Sipping on wine,It has ended, your time,The anger, the pain, the blood, all red, all dead!! Orange You see pumpkin jack o lanterns smirking,Spirits are creeping and haunting and lurking,The horrifying whines,At last, the amber sun shines!A marigold fire of orange, cursing!! Yellow InContinue reading “A Limerick Rainbow”


Dark and murky like the night,Angelic and feathery like the light,Two shades, diverging their ways,In an opposing haze, Black,Deep and deadly,Ready to attack,Try to remain steady, Ebony, taupe, jet, space,A colour that will deface,As you saunter in its magical world,On and on tangled, forever swirled, White,Blithe and beautiful,Saintly and bright,Elegantly dancing and dutiful, Pearl, ivory,Continue reading “Contrast”

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