Is this really a party?

Claps and laughter are banging into my eardrums too loud,With the thundering felicity of the crowd,Pulses beating unharmoniously when a random stranger throws up,The vexing red glare of the solo cup, Champagne trickling in a pool onto the floor,This isn’t any different from every other party before,An overwhelming amount of people here,Apparently all contained withContinue reading “Is this really a party?”

I always thought

I always thought,Cracks meant it’s broken,Glass meant it’s frail,Silence meant it’s unspoken,Old meant it’s stale, Darkness was the petrifying absence of light,Only fears would make you stagger backwards,Black was the primary colour of the night,Flight was exclusive to birds, The sky was never anything but blue,Lies were ways to distract the truth,Experience was evidence thatContinue reading “I always thought”


I stand in the charcoal shadows,Watching the people pass,Slicing the wind with sinless arrows,Looming behind the glass, Top of the morning to you too,Maybe sunshine is sunnier at your place,Maybe you have everything resurrected and new,Maybe it not the shadows that you chase, They wish me everyday and ask me how I am,I incline myContinue reading “Pretend”

The Everlasting Staircase – Ending 2

(Double Endings) Gazing into the ebony black ahead,Filled with premonition and dread,I’m almost at the top, I see,A dozen more steps before I’m free, As silence envelops the place,For what comes ahead, I brace,Finally continuing up the last flight,Nothing but steps and darkness in sight, At the end is nothing but gloom and murk,Apart fromContinue reading “The Everlasting Staircase – Ending 2”

The Everlasting Staircase – Ending 1

(Double Endings) Mom and Dad must be perturbed,I cannot return and my hollers aren’t heard,My head is spinning, my hands are still,I’m racing up the steps against my will. The end is near, I must survive,The frenzy has kept me alive,At last, I mount the last,Despondent and downcast, At the end lies a door,Identical toContinue reading “The Everlasting Staircase – Ending 1”

The Everlasting Staircase

(Double Endings) “Be a dear and get my old cookbook from the attic”, Mom did say,I was enthralled for it was my first time scavenging up there, today was the day,The tawny door gave in to a stairway,But as I treaded, it was only dark,Darker than a nightmare, not a spark, Somber lurked, my raptureContinue reading “The Everlasting Staircase”

Opposite Land

This is where antonyms are similar,This is where siblings are unanimous,A child is born when a blade escapes a killer,All races are glamorous, Every black has a white,Every act of valor has a fright,Even a blind man has the sight,Even utter darkness has light, Time stands still and the sun glows black,Clouds emerge from rain,DeathContinue reading “Opposite Land”


Welcome home, it’s been a while,Oh, how much I’ve missed your smile,After confinement in this diminutive space,I ecstatically welcome you to my place, You may be here once, twice or thrice,Every encounter shall suffice,Or you may dine a dinner and never return,Sometimes it is simply the first impression I yearn, Often a new dweller crossesContinue reading “Visitors”

If The Sky Was Made Of Glass

The azure would be so vivid,A sharper, refined hue of livid,A clear day would have a whole different meaning,A sunrise would be blazingly gleaming, Every day we would sight a rainbow,As the sun refracts through the glass’s prism aglow,Dispersing into a spectrum of tinted rays,Through the flushed glass as a colored haze, Rain would peltContinue reading “If The Sky Was Made Of Glass”

High Peaks

(Recount) Tall, snowy and high,About to touch the sky,Snow falling and covering,The clouds above hovering, Ranges full of green,Some never seen,Rivers drifting down,Into the surface’s brown, Rough ground tilted up,I stop sipping from my cup,To gaze at the marvellous beauty above,I slip on another glove, The rocks sliding,The water gliding,The treetops swinging,The birds singing,The peacefulnessContinue reading “High Peaks”

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