Opposite Land

This is where antonyms are similar,This is where siblings are unanimous,A child is born when a blade escapes a killer,All races are glamorous, Every black has a white,Every act of valor has a fright,Even a blind man has the sight,Even utter darkness has light, Time stands still and the sun glows black,Clouds emerge from rain,DeathContinue reading “Opposite Land”

If The Sky Was Made Of Glass

The azure would be so vivid,A sharper, refined hue of livid,A clear day would have a whole different meaning,A sunrise would be blazingly gleaming, Every day we would sight a rainbow,As the sun refracts through the glass’s prism aglow,Dispersing into a spectrum of tinted rays,Through the flushed glass as a colored haze, Rain would peltContinue reading “If The Sky Was Made Of Glass”

High Peaks

(Recount) Tall, snowy and high,About to touch the sky,Snow falling and covering,The clouds above hovering, Ranges full of green,Some never seen,Rivers drifting down,Into the surface’s brown, Rough ground tilted up,I stop sipping from my cup,To gaze at the marvellous beauty above,I slip on another glove, The rocks sliding,The water gliding,The treetops swinging,The birds singing,The peacefulnessContinue reading “High Peaks”

À La Plage

Bienvenue à la plage,Mes amis, et tous les personnages,There’s something so different about the sea,Or is it just me? The sun-kissed ochre sands,Beaming rays and skin tans,As the golden specks of sand pervade in the air,The winds gust by like a stormy nightmare, The palm-fringed coasts swaying amidst the breeze,The rhapsody of the verdant trees,TheContinue reading “À La Plage”

In A Year’s Time

Three hundred and sixty-five,Circa fifty-two weeks,Either living or alive,It’s the universe that speaks, The sheer gyration around,A swirling planet and yet,another year’s down,What more can one get? Some are melancholy,Some are enlivening,Some pass by slowly,Some of them sting, Some overwhelming days,Some months placidly bid,Some oblivious in a toxic haze,Some unlocked keys for a kid, TheContinue reading “In A Year’s Time”

In A Land Of Twinkles

“You have a million different faces,But they’ll never understand,Unless you let them in,You’ve been a million different places,So give yourself a chance to,Get lost in wonderland…” – Shawn Mendes, Wonder (Intro) (Soliloquy) “Moments under moonlight in the murk,Are nothing like I’ve ever felt before,I recline by the silhouetted shadows that lurk,Gazing into the broken skyContinue reading “In A Land Of Twinkles”

The Mysterious Midnight Girl

“I damn you to this nocturnal life,spend after the hour of twilight,a drive of deadly deeds,being a bloodsucking beast,dwelling in the shadows for eternity” – Sonakshi Malik, Intoxicated There is a girl,In a whole new world,Distant, yet to be “intoxicated”,Patient for the mystical moon, she waited, She’s magical, her powers yet to be discovered,An unfathomableContinue reading “The Mysterious Midnight Girl”

An Encounter With The Waterdrops

A poem about a person (me) experiencing one of nature’s “ordinary” elements for the first time in my life. I stepped out onto the cold crying street,And stomped my large heavy feet,I lifted my head and looked up high,At the sun-kissed sky,Weighing down,The sky began to frown, And what happened then, I cannot explain,It wasContinue reading “An Encounter With The Waterdrops”

A Land Of The Unknown (Part 3)

(Narrative) Up ahead I see a flight of stairs,Made of sparkling fluid and translucent air,I take one step and lose my balance but I’m fine,Walking on water was way ahead of our time!! Up and up I step and stroll,Nobody knows what the end shall behold,I have now entered a void, there are no stairsContinue reading “A Land Of The Unknown (Part 3)”

A Land Of The Unknown (Part 2)

(Narrative) I now roam astray in a moonlit field,Wondering who was my shield,Then I see sunflowers, they sing and sway,They blow my worries away. The scene has taken a bright contrast,An enchanting spell has been cast,The night isn’t as terrifying as it was before,It doesn’t seem to be so silent anymore. Stuck in a warzoneContinue reading “A Land Of The Unknown (Part 2)”

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